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Research Interests
Development, Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics

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Works in Progress

Long Term Consequences of Gender Quotas in India, with Priyadarshi A. and Varun K.R.
Work in Progress

Political Reservation and Female Labor Force Participation in Rural India, with K. Deininger, Songqing Jin, & Hari K Nagarajan
Working Paper


Women's Political Leadership and Economic Empowerment: Evidence from Public Works in India, with Klaus Deininger & Hari K Nagarajan
Journal of Comparative Economics , 2020.

Wages, Prices, and Agriculture: How Can Indian Agriculture Cope with Rising Wages, with Hans Binswanger
Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2018.

Can Labor Market Imperfections Explain Changes in Farm Size Productivity Relationship? Longitudinal Evidence from India, with K. Deininger, Songqing Jin, & Yanyan Liu
Land Economics, 2018.

Determinants of Productivity and Structural Change in a Large Commercial Farm Environment: Evidence from Ukraine, with Klaus Deininger & Denys Nizalov
The World Bank Economic Review, 2017.

Does Land Fragmentation Increase the Cost of Cultivation? Evidence from India, with K. Deininger, D. Monchuck, & H K Nagarajan
Journal of Development Studies, Vol. 53, No. 1, 82–98, 2016.

Consumption Smoothing and Insurance against the Income Risks: A Case of India, with P. Kumar
Indian Economic Review, 47(2) 2012.

Other Working Papers

Short-term Effects of India's Employment Guarantee Program on Labor Markets and Agricultural Productivity, with K. Deininger & Hari K Nagarajan

Land Market, Factor Misallocation, and Agricultural Productivity in Ukraine, with K. Deininger, Denys Nizalov, & Mykola Ryzhenkov