Published/Forthcoming Papers


Working Papers


  • Short-term Effects of India's Employment Guarantee Program on Labor Markets and Agricultural Productivity, with K. Deininger and Hari K Nagarajan
    Revise and resubmit 

  • How Does Political Reservations Affect Female Labor Force Participation in Rural India?, with Klaus Deininger and Songqing Jin

  • Land Market, Factor Misallocation, and Agricultural Productivity in Ukraine, with K. Deininger, Denys Nizalov, and Mykola Ryzhenkov

Policy Research Reports


  • Assessment of Supply-Demand Balances of Food Grains and Other Food Items over Medium Term Future
  • Policy Instrument to Address Pollution Issues in Agriculture- An Implication for Happy Seeder Technology Adoption
  • Analysis of Saving and Investment Behavior in India: Evidence from NCAER Household Survey
  • Concurrent Evaluation of Targeted Public Distribution System in India: Evidence from Panel Data
  • Deployment and Professional Competence of Para Teachers in India: An Evaluation